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How Much is The Franchise Fee?

The Franchise Fee is $20,000 plus Taxes.


What do I get for this Initial Franchise Fee?

  1.  Assistance with expert site selection and lease negotiation.
  2. Store design and construction services.
  3. Comprehensive in-store training.
  4. Complete store set-up and new store opening assistance.
  5. Complete set of operations manuals.
  6. On-going operational support.
  7. On-going training for new product development and launches.
  8. Merchandising support and marketing programs.


How much are the Royalties?
Franchisees pay royalties of $500.00 on a weekly basis.


What is the Advertising Fee?
$200 + Taxes


What are the costs of opening?
One of the great advantages is that our cost to open a

Franchise is one of the lowest in the Pizza Franchise industry.

About $160,000 - $200,000. Depending on size and location

of store (typical size of location is 850 - 1300 sq ft.)


Turnkey operation price includes the following:

  1. Lease Negotiation.
  2. Store Design.
  3. Permit Acquisitions.
  4. Leasehold Improvements.
  5. Signage.Construction.
  6. All Equipment.
  7. Small Wares.
  8. Administration Charges.


What are the requirements?
  1. 50% of purchase price of unencumbered cash.
  2. Net worth of $200,000 - $250,000.
  3. A satisfactory credit rating.
  4. Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
  5. Willingness to Succeed.

Is involvement mandatory?
Pizza Depot does not require owners to be actively involved in

the day to day operations of the franchise; however a qualified

manager must be present.


Is previous experience needed?
While it definitely is an asset, previous experience is not a

requirement as we offer extensive training and support.


Pizza Depot Franchise.

Steps to Join and Start a Pizza Depot Franchise

There are 6 steps which an applicant needs to go through in order to own a Pizza Depot franchise.  Any interested prospect should visit the Pizza Depot website or contact Pizza Depot’s head office for a franchise application form.


STEP 1 - Franchise Information Package & Questionnaire Form

Applicants can find the Franchise Information Package, which includes our standard Franchise Questionnaire Form, on the Pizza Depot website, or can request that a hard copy be faxed or mailed to them.  Applicants should return completed Questionnaires to the Pizza Depot head office.


STEP 2 - Invitation to meet with the Office Manager.

Within 2 days of receiving and reviewing the Questionnaire, our Office Manager will contact you to continue the qualification process and explain the basic elements of Pizza Depot’s franchise program.  If both we and you wish to proceed, you will be invited to meet the Franchise Director & take a tour of the Pizza Depot Head Office.


STEP 3 - Franchise Disclosure Document

  • If Pizza Depot wishes to proceed with your application, we will provide you with the Pizza Depot Franchise Disclosure Document, following which you will have at least 14 days to review it with your legal and business advisors.



STEP 4 - Franchise Agreement

Once at least 14 days have passed since the applicant received the Franchise Disclosure Document, the parties will sign the Pizza Depot Franchise Agreement, upon which the applicant will immediately pay Pizza Depot the Initial Franchise Fee of $20,000, plus applicable taxes.


STEP 5 - Approval of Franchised Location, Sublease and Construction.

After signing the Franchise Agreement, both parties will start looking for suitable sites for the franchised business. When a suitable site is found, Pizza Depot will negotiate a lease for the premises.  Once an offer to lease has been accepted, the applicant will pay any lease deposit as required by the landlord and construction will begin on the premises by a general contractor approved by Pizza Depot.


STEP 6 - Training

  • You will participate in a 2 - 3 week training program approximately 1-2 weeks before the grand opening of the Pizza Depot location, either at your location, our head office and/or one of our corporate-owned stores in Ontario.  We will assign a General Manager to help you set up your location for the grand opening and for the first 5 days of operation.

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